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Title in Portuguese: Power and bit allocation for link adaptation in MIMO-OFDM wireless systems
Author: Zanatta Filho, Danilo
Cavalcante, Charles Casimiro
Keywords: Teleinformática
Sistemas de comunicação sem fio
Internet sem fio
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: International Telecommunications Symposium
Citation: ZANATTA FILHO, D. ; CAVALCANTE, C. C. Power and bit allocation for link adaptation in MIMO-OFDM wireless systems. In: INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS SYMPOSIUM, 6., 2006, Fortaleza. Anais... Fortaleza: IEEE, 2006. p. 657-662.
Abstract: This work deals with a power and bit allocation algorithm applied to MIMO-OFDM systems. Particularly, the V-BLAST transceiver structure is envisaged as a potential candidate for such approach. Simulation results show that the clever allocation of resources (power and transmission modes) in accordance to the channel represents a great improvement in the performance of the system in terms of goodput.
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