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Title in Portuguese: A Distributed approach for antenna subset selection in MIMO systems
Author: Guerreiro, Igor Moáco
Cavalcante, Charles Casimiro
Keywords: Teleinformática
Comunicação móvel
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems
Citation: GUERREIRO, I. M. ; CAVALCANTE, C. C. A Distributed approach for antenna subset selection in MIMO systems. In: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, 7., 2010, New York. Anais... New York: ISWCS, 2012. p. 199-203.
Abstract: In this paper a novel antenna subset selection algorithm is proposed using a distributed approach. It is assumed that each base station in a group of base stations is linked to an associated terminal as a receiver-transmitter pair. These receiver-transmitter pairs reuse channel resources, such that each mobile terminal represents a source of other-cell interference (also referred to as multi-user interference or MUI) for other mobile terminals in neighboring cells that are reusing all or some of the same channel resources. Accordingly, the base stations implement a gaming-based algorithm to mitigate MUI for the multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) uplink signals received from their associated mobile terminals. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm has a good performance in terms of average error probability consisting of a solution concept based on Nash equilibrium (NE) points.
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