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Title in Portuguese: Adapting the simp model for topology optimization of biomechanical structures
Author: Álamo, Jonatan Rivilla
Silva Júnior, Francisco Ilson da
Keywords: Regeneração óssea
Método dos elementos finitos
Issue Date: 2-Jan-2012
Publisher: Pan American Congress of Applied Mechanics
Citation: ÁLAMO, J. R. ; SILVA JUNIOR, F. I. Adapting the simp model for topology optimization of biomechanical structures. In: PAN AMERICAN CONGRESS OF APPLIED MECHANICS, 12., 2012, Port of Spain. Anais... Port of Spain: PACAM, 2012.
Abstract: This paper presents a solid isotropic material penalization model (SIMP) based topology optimization research and its subsequent adaptation, which allows to obtain one similar method for ortotropic materials. Both methods have been used in the development of a regeneration model that finally has been applied to the research of the evolution of the bone, after an operation of artificial hip (prosthesis). This way, the present research shows different areas of knowledge, facts that have been introduced starting with a short and general historical introduction. This areas have become more focused in the idea of obtaining key concepts, in order to define the topic. The research themes are Optimization, the Finite Element Method and Biomechanics. In this work, a numerical problem is solved. The case study is a post-operative femur after a femoral head is replaced by a prosthesis metallic. A preliminary contact model is developed for load application on the femoral structure. The goal of this study is to determine the bone tissue regeneration around the prosthesis due to adaptation of the loads. Thus, a more efficient design of the prosthesis can be obtained. By analysis of the material density results, some aspects of bone regeneration can be clarify. It can be concluded that the topology optimization proposed can be assumed an important tool to support medical applications of bone assessment.
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