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Title in Portuguese: A contribuição dos cenários de prática na formação acadêmica dos graduandos inseridos no pet-saúde
Author: Gonçalves, Lucivânia da Silva
Advisor(s): Almeida, Maria Eneide Leitão de
Keywords: Educação Superior
Saúde da Família
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: GONÇALVES, Lucivânia da Silva. A contribuição dos cenários de prática na formação acadêmica dos graduandos inseridos no pet-saúde. 39 f. 2017. TCC (Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso em Odontologia) - Faculdade de Farmácia, Odontologia e Enfermagem, Universidade Federal do Ceará, Fortaleza, 2017.
Abstract: The primary health care network is a potential and necessary field of practice in which the various health undergraduate courses should insert their students. The present research investigates the benefits of the practice scenarios in the college education of undergraduate students participating in PET-Health (Education by Work for Health Program) in the city of Fortaleza. It is a quantitative, descriptive and cross-sectional study. Data collection was done through a semi structured questionnaire containing student characterization items, evaluation of the Program and the preceptor, evaluation of the teaching-learning process and main difficulties during their experience in the Primary Health Care Units(PHCU). The sample had 111 individuals, being 73.63% of femaleparticipants and with prevalence of the nursing course. More than 95% of students consider themselves satisfied with the Program and stated that preceptors contributed in their formation, as well as 84.7% stated that they influenced the choice of the public network and postgraduate as areas to develop their activities. The lack of service organization was the greatest difficulty faced during the activities. Professional posture and technical knowledge were the most important competences for a preceptor in the student's vision and learning to know was one of the most worked principles during PET-Health, corresponding to 33.6%. It is noticed that the PET-Health is a practice scenario that provides the development of a significant learning for the students of the health area, that is to say that the PET-Health has the capacity to assist the Universities in the formation of competent professionals and better prepared to intervene in the reality of basic care. correspondendo a 33,6%. Percebe-se que o PET-Saúde é um cenário de prática que proporciona o desenvolvimento de um aprendizado significativo para os estudantes da área da saúde, ou seja que o PET-Saúde tem a capacidade de auxiliar às Universidades na formação de profissionais competentes e mais bem preparados para intervir na realidade da atenção básica.
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