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Title in Portuguese: Association of IL10 , IL4 , IFNG , and CTLA4 gene polymorphisms with efavirenz hypersensitivity reaction in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus
Author: Rodrigues, Raphael de Oliveira
Rabenhorst, Silvia Helena Barem
Carvalho, Paulo Germano de
Sasahara, Greyce Luri
Vasconcelos, Luciana Mabel Ferreira
Arruda, Érico Antônio Gomes de
Silva, Silvia Fernandes Ribeiro da
Ribeiro, Ilana Farias
Nagao-Dias, Aparecida Tiemi
Keywords: Hipersensibilidade
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases
Citation: RODRIGUES, R. O. et al. Association of IL10, IL4, IFNG, and CTLA4 gene polymorphisms with efavirenz hypersensitivity reaction in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus. Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, v. 70, 430–436, 2017.
Abstract: SUMMARY: We evaluated interleukin-10 ( IL10 ) - 592 C / A, IL4 - 589 C / T, interferon gamma ( IFNG ) + 874 A / T, cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 ( CTLA4 ) + 49 A / G gene polymorphisms associated with efavirenz hypersensitivity reaction. A total of 63 human immunodeficiency virus-positive patients under treatment at a public hospital were included in the study, of whom 21 presented with efavirenz hypersensitivity. Patients who presented with efavirenz hypersensitivity reaction showed a higher frequency of the IL10 - 592A allele than the controls ( p = 0.028). The allele A was associated with increased risk of efavirenz hypersensitivity (odds ratio = 2.40). In case of IL4 , a significant difference in the frequency of the IL4 - 589 (C / T) polymorphism was not observed between patients and controls. A significant inverse correlation was observed when comparing the CTLA4 + 49A / G and IL4 - 589 C / T polymorphisms (r =- 0.650, p = 0.001); that is, the CTLA4 +49GG genotype, involved with the lowest capacity of inhibition, was inversely correlated IL4 - 589TT genotype, which induces high production of IL-4. With respect to the CTLA4 + 49A / G and IFNG + 874T / A gene polymorphisms, significant differences in allele and genotype frequencies were not observed between the groups. Therefore, our data suggest that polymorphisms in regulatory regions of cytokine genes could modulate an individual ’ s susceptibility to efavirenz hypersensitivity reaction.
metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
ISSN: 1344-6304
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