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Title in Portuguese: Proactive network management based mobile agent and fuzzy logic
Author: Silva, Arnoldo Nunes da
Ferraz, Carlos André Guimarães
Ramalho, Geber Lisboa
Souza, José Neuman de
Keywords: Technology for distribution of tasks
Mobile agents
Fuzzy logic
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: IEEE International Conference on Telecommunications
Citation: Silva, A. N. .; Ferraz, C. A. G.; Ramalho, G. L.; Souza, J. N. (2001)
Abstract: Networks with complex topology require applications that adopt a decentralized model of management and an automation of activities that aid administrators in the network’s diagnosis. This work proposes a model implemented by a prototype that adopts mobile agents as technology for distribution of tasks. The technique of artificial intelligence based on fuzzy logic is added in mobile agents, giving the system a proactive behavior.
Description: SILVA, Arnoldo Nunes da; FERRAZ, Carlos André Guimarães; RAMALHO, Geber Lisboa; SOUZA, José Neuman de. Proactive network management based mobile agent and fuzzy logic. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON TELECOMMUNICATIONS, 2001, Bucharest. Annals... Bucharest: IEEE International Conference on Telecommunications, 2001, p. 562-566.
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