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Title in Portuguese: Clinical validation of the ‘‘Sedentary Lifestyle’’ nursing diagnosis in secondary school students
Author: Oliveira, Marcos Renato de
Silva, Viviane Martins da
Guedes, Nirla Gomes
Lopes, Marcos Venícios de Oliveira
Keywords: Adolescentes
Diagnóstico de Enfermagem
Estilo de Vida Sedentário
Sedentary Lifestyle
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: Journal of School Nursing
Citation: OLIVEIRA, M. R. ; SILVA, V. M. ; GUEDES, N. G. ; LOPES, M. V. O. (2016)
Abstract: This study clinically validated the nursing diagnosis of ‘‘sedentary lifestyle’’ (SL) among 564 Brazilian adolescents. Measures of diagnostic accuracy were calculated for defining characteristics, and Mantel–Haenszel analysis was used to identify related factors. The measures of diagnostic accuracy showed that the following defining characteristics were statistically significant: ‘‘average daily physical activity less than recommended for gender and age,’’ ‘‘preference for activity low in physical activity,’’ ‘‘nonengagement in leisure time physical activities,’’ and ‘‘d iminished respiratory capacity.’’ An SL showed statistically significant associations with the following re lated factors: insufficient motivation for physical activity; insufficient interest in physical activity; insufficien t resources for physical activity; insufficient social support for physical activity; attitudes, beliefs, and health habits that hinder physical activity; and ins ufficient confidence for practicing physical exercises. The study highlighted the four defining characteristics and s ix related factors for making decisions related to SL among adolescents.
Description: OLIVEIRA, Marcos Renato de ; SILVA, Viviane Martins da ; GUEDES, Nirla Gomes ; LOPES, Marcos VenÍcios de Oliveira. Clinical validation of the "Sedentary Lifestyle" Nursing diagnosis in secondary school students. Journal of School Nursing (Online), v. 32, n. 3, p. 186-194, jun. 2016.
metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
ISSN: 1059-8405
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