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Title in Portuguese: Investigations on the whaling seasons 1964-1967, off Northeastern coast of Brazil
Author: Paiva, Melquíades Pinto
Granjeiro, Bento Fradique
Keywords: Baleia - Pesca
Issue Date: 1970
Publisher: Arquivos de Ciências do Mar
Citation: PAIVA, M. P.; GRANJEIRO, B. F. (1970)
Abstract in Portuguese: Whaling off northeastern coast of Brazil is seasonal, and comprises tropical waters of Western South Atlantic (Whaling area A S W). The only whaling enterprise in this brazilian area is based at Costinha (latitude 6057'45"S - longitude 34°51'28"W), on the left shore of the mouth of Paraíba do Norte River (State of Paraíba). In continuation to our investigations on whaling in northeastern Brazil (Paiva & Grangeiro, 1965), the seasons 1964-1967 are here analysed. In spite that all known species of the families Balaenopteridae and Fhyseteridae are represented in Brazil, only the species Balaenoptera borealis (Lesson), Balaenoptera acutorostrata Lacépède, Balaenoptera musculus (Linnaeus), Megaptera novaeangliae (Borowski) and Physeter catodon Linnaeus were caught during the 1964-1967 whaling seasons off northeastern Brazil.
Description: PAIVA, Melquíades Pinto; GRANGEIRO, Bento Fradique. Investigations on the whaling seasons 1964-1967, off Northeastern coast of Brazil. Arquivos de Ciências do Mar, Fortaleza, v. 10, n.2, p. 111-126, dez. 1970.
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