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Title in Portuguese: Catches of tunas and tuna like fishes, in the longline fishery areas off the coast of Brazil
Author: Paiva, Melquíades Pinto
Le Gall, Jean-Yves
Keywords: Atum - Peixe
Issue Date: 1975
Publisher: Arquivos de Ciências do Mar
Citation: PAIVA, M. P.; LE GALL, J. Y. (1975)
Abstract in Portuguese: The fishery of tunas and tuna like fishes in the Atlantic Ocean had a major importance since the year 1956, when started the operations of the Japanese longliners, based on Brazilian ports (Doumenge, 1961; Borgstrom, 1964 ; Postei, 1964).This fishing activity showed a rapid development, until the beginning of the 60's years. At that time occurred the displacement of the fleet to other bases in the Atlantic Ocean, by economic and political reasons.The catch data of the Japanese longliners based on Brazilian ports were used in several scientific papers - see Paiva (1961a, b), Lima & Wise (1962), Moraes (1962), Morais (1.963), Fonseca & Sarros (1963), Sarros & Fonseca (1965), and Sarros (1965) - contributing for a better knowledge of .the general fishery conditions of tunas and tuna like fishes, in the longline areas off the coast of Brazil. Based on data presented by Wise & Lê Guen (1969), concerning operations of Japanese longliners in the tuna fishery areas of the Guianas and Bahia, during the years 1956/1963, was estimated the annual potential catches of tunas, in these áreas of special importance for Brazil (Paiva et ai, 1971). The results were the following: área of Guianas - maximum annual catch = 231,000 tunas, corresponding about to 11,000 metric tons; área o/ Bahia - maximum annual catch Contribution nuniber 384 oí the Scientific Departement of the Centre Océanologlque de Bretagne = 462,000 tunas, corresponding about to 19,000 metric tons.
Description: PAIVA, Melquíades Pinto; LE GALL, Jean-Yves. Catches of tunas and tuna like fishes, in the longline fishery areas off the coast of Brazil. Arquivos de Ciências do Mar. Fortaleza, v.15, n.1, p.1-18, jun.1975.
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