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Title in Portuguese: Uma Heurística para o problema de empacotamento de bins tridimensionais
Author: Silva, José Lassance de Castro
Soma, Nei Yoshihiro
Maculan, Nelson
Keywords: Heuristica
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Encontro Nacional de Engenharia de Produção
Citation: SILVA, J. L. C. ; SOMA, N. Y. ; MACULAN, N. Uma Heurística para o problema de empacotamento de bins tridimensionais. In: ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE ENGENHARIA DE PRODUÇÃO, 21., 2001, Salvador. Anais... Salvador: ABEPRO, 2001.
Abstract: The problem addressed in this paper is that of orthogonally packing a given set of box-shaped items into the minimum number of three-dimensional rectangular and equal bins. The problem is NP-hard in the strong sense and extremely difficult to be solved in the practice. We introduce a new heuristic for the problem based upon the way the items fit a given bin which is dictated by two lists: corner points and items yet to be packed. Extensive computational experiments are reported for instances with up to 90 items, and the results are compared with those obtained from the literature.
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