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dc.contributor.authorPrata, Bruno de Athayde-
dc.contributor.authorNobre Júnior, Ernesto Ferreira-
dc.contributor.authorBarroso, Giovanni Cordeiro-
dc.identifier.citationPRATA, B. A. ; NOBRE JÚNIOR, E. F. ; BARROSO, G. C. Modelagem de sistemas de terraplenagem: uma aplicação das redes de Petri. In: IBERIAN LATIN-AMERICAN CONGRESS ON COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN ENGINEERING, 26., 2005, Vitória. Anais... Vitória: ABMEC, 2005.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractThe highways are constructions that demand vast resources for their execution. In the several costs that compose the total construction cost of a highway, earth moving costs are the most proeminet portion. The transportation equipaments fleets used in the earth moving works have highs operation and conservation costs, therefore the planning and the control of use these machines is indispensable for the rationalization of constructive process. The design methods of earth moving equipaments teams suggestedes by literature don’t characterize and optimize the machines operation. However, this operation can be represented for discret events systems, fact that propitiates qualitative and quantitative analysis. In this paper we present a model, using Petri Nets, which represent the operational dynamics of an earht moving work. The Petri Nets are a consolidated technique of modeling and analysis of dinamic systems. Through a bibliographical revision was possible idealize a graphic and analytic model that represent the above-mentioned activities. Data were collected concerning a real case, being accomplished several simulations soon after, aiming the economic appraisal of several operational scenarios. As conclusion of the study, it can be stood out that simulation models are important to provide inputs to help decision making when managing earth moving planning and execution.pt_BR
dc.publisherIberian Latin-American Congress on Computational Methods in Engineeringpt_BR
dc.subjectRedes de Petript_BR
dc.titleModelagem de sistemas de terraplenagem: uma aplicação das redes de Petript_BR
dc.typeArtigo de Eventopt_BR
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