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Title in Portuguese: Vento de Praia: desenho de vilarejos
Title: Wind Shore: fishermen village’s design
Author: Lima, Daniel Lenz Costa
Cardoso, Daniel Ribeiro
Lopes, André Soares
Keywords: Teoria Geral dos Sistemas
Processamento de Imagem Digital
Aldeias de pescadores
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: SIGRADI 2011
Citation: LIMA, D. L. C.; CARDOSO, D. R.; LOPES, A. S. (2011)
Abstract: In this work, Type is suggested as a source of knowledge, once acknowledged that it is an efficient response to a specific problem, and that a knowledge based on observation of a greater quantity of occurrence of the phenomenon is more solid. The type is understood under the new Theory of Systems, that is, it carries within itself information on its environment. Thus, its understanding envolves that of the system. A study on the type Traditional Beach Villages of Ceará is then undertaken, using GIS software to retrieve information that are then translated and simulated on a Rhino/Grasshopper scripting.
Description: CARDOSO, D. R.; LIMA, Daniel L. C.; LOPES, A. S. Vento de praia: desenho de vilarejos. In: SIGRADI XV, 2011, Santa Fé. Cultura Aumentada: XV Congreso de SIGraDi. Anais... Santa Fé: UNL, 2011, v. 1, p. 1-4.
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